Meet Rebecca Mohning

About Rebecca Mohning MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Rebecca Mohning M.S., R.D., CSSD, L.D. is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and a board certified sports dietitian that has been working in the field of weight loss and sports nutrition for almost 15 years. She has experience in endurance nutrition and wellness. She has devoted her life to health, nutrition, and fitness. Rebecca has her own nutrition consulting business Expert Nutrition since 2003 and enjoys conducting workshops on nutrition and wellness for fitness facilities, businesses, universities, and sports teams. Rebecca has appeared in local news shows and nationwide shows, magazines, and newspapers. She has worked with numerous local running and triathlon clubs in the DC area for more than a decade. She has experience working with all levels of athletes from the recreational athlete to the Olympic athlete.

She received her Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics and her Master's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Iowa State University. She is a certified exercise physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Rebecca specializes in the following areas of nutrition for children, adolescents, and adults:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Vegetarianism
  • Prenatal Care
  • General wellness and disease prevention
  • PCOS

Rebecca can also effectively improve the following conditions, using medical nutrition therapy:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Weight Loss Surgery