Corporate Wellness

Past Clients:
  • Mortgage Banker's Association
  • Williams & Connolly
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Agilex
  • Orbital
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors
Corporate Wellness Services

We have been providing evidence-based nutrition focused wellness education for employers and employees for over 15 years.   Reducing personal and company healthcare costs helps improve quality of life and productivity.  Our programs are personalized for your specific employee needs and include options such as weight loss and healthy eating programs, in-depth one on one nutrition counseling and Lunch n’ Learns highlighting hot topics. Choose from any of the options below or we can put together a customized program that meets your company’s needs and budget.

Corporate House Calls

We provide individualized one on one counseling sessions in person or online to address specific nutrition related health concerns such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, cardiac and cholesterol problems, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders.

House Calls allow employees to reduce time and productivity lost by driving to and from medical appointments. By holding one-on-one Nutrition Counseling sessions in a private conference room in your office space we help to increase productivity in the near term and promote healthy lifestyles for the long term.

Health Coaching

We offer corporate coaching programs to reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and change behaviors.  Engaging with a health coach provides the support and accountability needed to reach goals, reduce disease risk, and improve health behaviors. Through the coaching process, participants experience improved productivity, increased self-esteem, better biometric outcomes and healthier lives.

Twitter Chats

Try an innovative way to involve your employees and promote health and wellness at the same time. The foundation for behavior change and real progress is creative, persuasive communication that gets people to notice the programs in the first place. Change the culture of your business with fun informative chats that can provide quick and simple tips while engaging the employee at the same time.

Wellness Seminars

Choose to offer an interactive class addressing a variety of health and wellness topics ranging from nutrition, exercise, and stress management with an emphasis on simple lifestyle changes.  Choose from our list of sample topics or request a customized presentation created to meet your company’s specific needs.

Cooking Demos

Bring instructional cooking and education to your workplace. Combining delicious and impressive meals with interactive and informative presentations this can get everyone more inspired to cook at home. We offer easy lunch ideas for the office and quick healthy meal ideas for the family.